Monday, August 27, 2012

As you are all aware of by now, our school district will be implementing a district service reimbursement program for students that are required to pay the pay to participate fee.  Students now have the option of getting reimbursed up to $100.00 by working up to 10 hours.  As this program unfolds and is implemented, we hope to provide clarification and the needed direction.  This email may not be the last update on the program, but it will be the first that will “kick-off” the program, and hopefully provide some answers to your questions.
 Does this program apply to students who are on the Free and Reduced Lunch Program?  Students who are on the free and reduced lunch program are still required to pay the $100, however, this payment does not have to be paid up front.  It is possible to work the 10 hours prior instead of paying the $100.  Please contact the athletic director to set up a schedule on repayment. 
How do I find out about service opportunities?  Students will soon have the opportunity to sign up for district service by visiting the secretary in the assistant principal’s office.  She will have access to the various activities available in the district.  Our goal is to provide on-going and regular work opportunities in all of the buildings.  I’ve asked each building administrator to develop a plan that meets the needs of their building.  Once the buildings determine the hours of service, we will advertise these hours and opportunities in the commons/cafeteria at the high school.  There is a large bulletin board located along the back wall next to the athletic entrance where we will post opportunities.  This bulletin board will be our main board in the school that we will use to communicate both on-going/regular service and special opportunities that will pop up throughout the year.
 What kind of work will be available?
 This is a growing list, but gives you some ideas on potential opportunities/projects that will be available throughout the year. 
a.      Working in the school office (copying, filing folders)
b.      Custodial work (not working with chemicals)
c.      Building and grounds repair/maintenance (mulch, pulling weeds, planting flowers)**no use of mowers or equipment
d.      Bus clean up
e.      Clean all outside areas of school property (pick up trash after games)
f.       Site Manager Assistants (set up and tear down for athletic events)
g.      School performances (set up, tear down, help work event)
h.      Technology set up (move computers, set up computers)
i.       Work in teacher’s classroom
j.        Painting
k.       Other special projects approved by District Administrators
How do I get credit for the hours worked?  In the assistant principal’s office, students can pick up a verification form that needs to be filled out by the school employee in charge of the activity the student participates in.  Students are responsible to get this filled out and completed by the school employee.  There are 10 lines on the form which is the maximum amount of activities a student could work on (per season).  Once the student has completed the hours and/or wants to have reimbursement, they will turn the verification form into the athletic director.  The athletic director will verify the hours and have our school treasurer issue a check.  You can only submit for payment 1 time (per season).  If you work 5 hours and you are done, then you may submit for payment, but understand you will not be able to work anymore hours and receive payment.
What happens if I lose the form? Between signing up in the assistant principal’s office and having students sign the day they attend the activity, we hope to have a record of who completed work.  However, it is the responsibility of the student to keep track of the sheet and get the appropriate signatures.  If a student loses the form we will do all we can to help verify the hours.  Make sure you put your name (IN INK) on your district reimbursement form.
Can I work hours prior to my season starting? Yes, but reimbursement will not come until AFTER the payment for the sport has been paid.  If youre a spring sport athlete and work in the fall, you won’t be paid until the spring season has started.  You have until June 30, 2012 to complete hours and be reimbursed for the 2012-2013 school year.

If I play 3 sports can I work off $300 in a school year?   Yes, the 10 hours of district service is per sport and you may work off up to $100 per sport.

Can I work more hours this year and apply them to next years service?  No, the hours worked this year only apply for this years activity.

Can I complete work for a good friend?  No, the hours worked only apply to the individual student completing the work, you cannot complete work for someone else. 
Some of the special projects are not being communicated to all students, is that fair? This may be the nature of the process, but we are trying to communicate as quickly and efficiently as possible.  To an extent, not all district approved activities can be communicated to all 800 students eligible, after all, we may need only a handful of students for the activity, and we may need them at the last minute.  In cases like this, or in cases where a coach or advisor organizes something for their group of students I wouldn’t expect all students to be aware or even be allowed to participate in the activity.  If the cross country coach organizes a day, we need to respect the exclusivity of the district activity.  It is for this reason that we are developing a list of regular and on-going activities for all students to participate in.
We have other questions, who can we contact?  I have attached the list of guidelines that we are using to operate this program, to help answer some other questions.  You can also contact me at: or by phone 937-748-3960.
Jeff Madden
Director of Business Operations

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