Monday, August 27, 2012

  1. There will be an NJHS meeting Tuesday, August 28th for 8th grade students currently in NJHs from 2:30-3:15.  Meet in the commons. 
  2. Health services:  All current 7th graders need to have on file a copy of their Tdap date.  This is required prior to the entry of 7th grade and needs to be in our files ASAP.  Also, any current 8th grader who has not updated us with their Tdap needs to do so PRIOR to the Washington D.C. trip or they may not be able to make the trip.  Any student with any type of allergy that requires an epi-pen or inhaler needs to have the proper forms filled out by their physician and turned into the clinic ASAP.  These forms need to be updated at the beginning of each school year.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
3.    Due to technology problems throughout the district the process of schedule changes is going much slower than our typical means.  The counselors are meeting with students in the order in which they have signed up.  As of this afternoon, all but approximately 20 students who have signed up, have been seen by a counselor.  Our deadline for changes remains August 29th.  Thanks for your patience in this matter.
  1. Final Washington DC payments are being calculated based on the number of students attending the trip.  If you are new to the district we need confirmation of attendance.  If you have questions, please email Mrs. Winter at
  2. Fees:  we have had some inquiries as to when fees will be posted to EZ Pay.  We anticipate next week.

Dropping Off Students in the Morning
This has gone relatively smoothly the first couple of days of school. However, we would like to make a few points about drop—off procedures in the morning. Our number one goal for implementing these procedures is student safety. With your cooperation and patience, we can minimize the risk of anyone getting injured by an automobile. As the year goes on and the days become shorter, it become more difficult to see. Thus, we will continue to drop students off in the following manner:
1.    Enter via the drive that leads to the Junior High from 741. Any other method of arriving at the school (e.g. driving around back from the high school) will create an unsafe environment for your student, as well as others.
2.    Follow the line of traffic that leads up to the school. Please do not attempt to cut through the parking lot and advance in line.
3.    Drop your student off at the student entrance (east side of building near the football field).
4.    Continue to drive past the EduCare Building. Turn left at the stop sign which will take you around the back of the high school. Take another left at the next stop sign and exit at the high school stop light onto 741.
Once again, we would like to thank all you for your cooperation. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Blakley (Assistant Principal):  937-748-3953.

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