Thursday, August 23, 2012

It was a true delight to see over 900 families last evening at our annual open house.  We appreciate the time you spent with us and hope that your student has come home happy on their first day of school.  We feel as though we have had a great start to the school year.  We look forward to providing students another exciting year of academic challenges while grasping onto the joys of junior high.

·         Student lockers issues were rectified this morning prior to first period, so all students do have a locker.  It does take many students a little practice with their combinations to get the hang of the lockers.
·         Lunches went well.  Please be advised that we have a “scatter” system of lunch choices.  Students were told that a student plate lunch is made up of one entrée (sandwich, nuggets, slice of pizza), two sides (fruits and vegetables), and a milk.  I would suggest watching your student’s account the first couple of weeks.  We do have many choices including beverages other than milk (juices, waters), ice cream, etc.  We do utilize student accounts for lunch debits.  Many of our students brought checks in this morning for their accounts.  If you write a check, please make certain that your student’s first and last name are in the memo.
·         Student drop off this morning worked out great.  If you drove around the back of the building this morning, we ask that you take a left at the stop sign behind the EduCare building and exit out the high school.  The back of the building in the morning is reserved for busses only.  Please be advised this is for the safety of our student body.  We do encourage you to have your child ride the bus the first couple of weeks daily, so that they get in the mode of knowing when and where to get the bus.
·         Schedule issues  will be dealt with on a first come, first served basis.  Sign-up sheets for counselors are in the main office.  Counselors will be working with students during the day, so please feel free to write a note and send with your student to share any concerns with their counselor.  Our counselors are dedicated to working with students during the school day, and therefore check email and phone calls after students have left the building.  Please understand that we offer MOST classes and study hall every period.  As you can imagine, we are not able to fit a last period study hall or PE for all 955 students.  If your child has an early study hall, please encourage them to do their homework at night and review it during their early study hall. 

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