Thursday, April 21, 2011

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Congratulations to the 7th and 8th grade girls track team for their performance at the Lebanon Relays last night. The 7th grade blue team finished 2nd overall, while the 8th grade blue team finished 6th in what was a very competitive meet. The blue team competes again this Saturday at Waynesville, while the white team competes tonight at the Sycamore Relays. Good luck Lady Panthers!!

Results for both boys and girls below.

2nd Place Pole Vault Team - Blake Massa and Andrew Geisel
2nd Place High Jump Team - Andrew Stadler and Bradley Cripe
3rd Place Distance Medley Team - Kelly Mahle, Nathan Hohulin, Brandon Flynn, Luke Hamilton
4th Place Shuttle Hurdles Team - Bradley Cripe, Jamie Watts, Andrew Stadler, Andrew Perkins
4th Place Sprint Medley Team - Garret Hacker, Jon Snyder, Rishi Wilson, Jeremy Althouse
4th Place Pole Vault Team - Giovanni Perottino and Ryan Schwinghamer
4th Place 4 x 800 Team - Chris Delbridge, Luke Hamilton, Ryan Schwinghamer, Nathan Hohulin
4th Place Shuttle Hurdles - David Knock, Blake Massa, Tommy Bowman, Hunter Rivers
5th Place 400 Relay Team - Bradley Cripe, Andrew Stadler, Jamie Watts, Nick Gholston
5th Place 800 Relay Team - Garret Hacker, Jon Snyder, Risi Wilson, Nick Gholston
5th Place 1600 Relay Team - Jamie Watts, Garret Hacker, Andrew Perkins, Jeremy Althouse
5th Place 400 Team - Justin Barth, David Knock, Nathan Ross, Tommy Bowman
5th Place 800 Team  - Justin Barth, Hunter Rivers, Nathan Ross, Blake Massa
6th Place Long Jump - Jon Snyder, Jeremy Althouse
6th place Shuttle Hurdles - Brad Tucker, Brian Busse, Giovanni Perottino, Michael Beatty
6th Place Long Jump - Nathan Harville and Austin Campeau
6th Place Distance Medley - Nathan Dermis, Austin Campeau, Logan Elliot, and Nathan Harville
6th Place Sprint Medley - Nathan Ross, Austin Janning, Justin Barth, Nathan Dermis
6th Place 3200 Relay - Nathan Dermis, Austin Campeau, Logan Elliot, Andrew Geisel
6th place 1600 Relay - Nathan Harville, Logan Elliot Andrew Geisel, David Knock


7th Grade - 2nd overall

Shuttle Hurdles (Millard, Miller, Hobbs, Wiedeman) - 1st
4x100 Relay (Winship, McCarthy, Panetta, Blubaugh) - 4th
Distance Medley (Biltz, Ommert, Gregorski, Wiedeman) - 4th
Sprint Medley (McCarthy, Costello, Kylin, Panetta) - 4th
4x200 Relay (Costello, Kylin, Blubaugh, Winship) - 5th
4x800 Relay (Hobbs, Gregorski, Biltz, Panetta) -3rd
4x400 Relay (Ommert, Biltz, Miller, Millard) - 2nd
High Jump (Miller) - 5th
Long Jump (Costello, McCarthy) - 1st

8th Grade

Shuttle Hurdles (Armstrong, Pratt, A. Kemper, A. Case) 3rd
4x100 Relay (Hacker, Wourms, Newsome, Kleinberg) 3rd
Distance Medley (Walters, Pratt, Zukowitz, Pitchford) 2nd
Sprint Medley (Armstong, A. Case, Hacker, Pratt) 4th
4x200 Relay (Newsome, Armentrout, Stickney, Hacker) 4th
4x800 Relay (Zukowitz, Walters, Majors, Pitchford) 2nd
4x400 Relay (Armentrout, C. Kemper, Wourms, Majors) 5th
High Jump (C. Kemper, A. Case) 5th
Long Jump (A. Kemper) 6th

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