Monday, April 25, 2011

1.      8th grade party tickets will be sold until the day of the event, April 29th for $15 (no t-shirts).  Bring your money and permission slips to the office or buy them at the door the night of the party (if buying at the door a parent will have to sign the permission slip for the student to attend).
2.      Any girl interested in trying out for 7th or 8th grade Sideline or Competition Cheerleading at the Junior High next year should pick up an informational flier in the office before the May 2nd parent informational meeting.  Just a reminder that student’s may NOT stay after school unsupervised.
3.      The Annual Student Council Dodge Ball Tournament will take place on Friday, May 13th.  Teams of 10 students will compete against each other to be this year's champions.  Team captains can pick up information from student council members at lunch.  We hope to see you all there! 
4.      Attention Show Choir: we will have our Into the Woods video party next Monday, May 2nd from 2:30- 4pm. Be sure to plan to bring a drink for yourself and a snack to share!
5.        Attention 7th graders: You will need to turn in the 2nd Washington, DC payment of $150 by Tuesday, May 10th to your homeroom teacher.  Please make sure to make the checks out to Classic Student Tours and that your name is in the memo section.  You may also call Classic Student tours at 937-439-0032 to charge your deposit.


Please be advised this segment of the update is submitted by individual coaches. For feedback, please contact your athlete's coach!

LEBANON GIRLS:  What a cold night! It was brutal to run in, but the girls still performed well overall. Traditionally, we always fall to Lebanon Maroon in this meet, and that's what happened Thursday night. The 7th grade team finished 2nd, and the 8th grade team finished 6th. The meet was competitive overall, and as you'll see in the results, they ran very well. What hurt the teams overall was the fact that there were no throwing events at the meet, and that could have changed the results. We're all very proud of the way the girls handled the weather and performed!

As you look through the results, you'll notice all of the results are in pairs. At a relay meet, even the field events are added together before they are judged. (Example: 2 long jumpers, one jumped 12'9", the other 12'6". Total of 25'3")

7th Grade - 2nd overall

Shuttle Hurdles (Millard, Miller, Hobbs, Wiedeman) - 1st
4x100 Relay (Winship, McCarthy, Panetta, Blubaugh) - 4th
Distance Medley (Biltz, Ommert, Gregorski, Wiedeman) - 4th
Sprint Medley (McCarthy, Costello, Kylin, Panetta) - 4th
4x200 Relay (Costello, Kylin, Blubaugh, Winship) - 5th
4x800 Relay (Hobbs, Gregorski, Biltz, Panetta) -3rd
4x400 Relay (Ommert, Biltz, Miller, Millard) - 2nd
High Jump (Miller) - 5th
Long Jump (Costello, McCarthy) - 1st

8th Grade

Shuttle Hurdles (Armstrong, Pratt, A. Kemper, A. Case) 3rd
4x100 Relay (Hacker, Wourms, Newsome, Kleinberg) 3rd
Distance Medley (Walters, Pratt, Zukowitz, Pitchford) 2nd
Sprint Medley (Armstong, A. Case, Hacker, Pratt) 4th
4x200 Relay (Newsome, Armentrout, Stickney, Hacker) 4th
4x800 Relay (Zukowitz, Walters, Majors, Pitchford) 2nd
4x400 Relay (Armentrout, C. Kemper, Wourms, Majors) 5th
High Jump (C. Kemper, A. Case) 5th
Long Jump (A. Kemper) 6th


2nd Place Pole Vault Team - Blake Massa and Andrew Geisel
2nd Place High Jump Team - Andrew Stadler and Bradley Cripe
3rd Place Distance Medley Team - Kelly Mahle, Nathan Hohulin, Brandon Flynn, Luke Hamilton
4th Place Shuttle Hurdles Team - Bradley Cripe, Jamie Watts, Andrew Stadler, Andrew Perkins
4th Place Sprint Medley Team - Garret Hacker, Jon Snyder, Rishi Wilson, Jeremy Althouse
4th Place Pole Vault Team - Giovanni Perottino and Ryan Schwinghamer
4th Place 4 x 800 Team - Chris Delbridge, Luke Hamilton, Ryan Schwinghamer, Nathan Hohulin
4th Place Shuttle Hurdles - David Knock, Blake Massa, Tommy Bowman, Hunter Rivers
5th Place 400 Relay Team - Bradley Cripe, Andrew Stadler, Jamie Watts, Nick Gholston
5th Place 800 Relay Team - Garret Hacker, Jon Snyder, Risi Wilson, Nick Gholston
5th Place 1600 Relay Team - Jamie Watts, Garret Hacker, Andrew Perkins, Jeremy Althouse
5th Place 400 Team - Justin Barth, David Knock, Nathan Ross, Tommy Bowman
5th Place 800 Team  - Justin Barth, Hunter Rivers, Nathan Ross, Blake Massa
6th Place Long Jump - Jon Snyder, Jeremy Althouse
6th place Shuttle Hurdles - Brad Tucker, Brian Busse, Giovanni Perottino, Michael Beatty
6th Place Long Jump - Nathan Harville and Austin Campeau
6th Place Distance Medley - Nathan Dermis, Austin Campeau, Logan Elliot, and Nathan Harville
6th Place Sprint Medley - Nathan Ross, Austin Janning, Justin Barth, Nathan Dermis
6th Place 3200 Relay - Nathan Dermis, Austin Campeau, Logan Elliot, Andrew Geisel
6th place 1600 Relay - Nathan Harville, Logan Elliot Andrew Geisel, David Knock


Boy Scout Troop 50 has a new Eagle Scout.  Tommy Bowman completed all of the requirements and passed a board of review on Thursday, April 21st and is now an Eagle Scout.  The rank of Eagle is the highest rank in scouting.

AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY "RELAY FOR LIFE" FUNDRAISERMAX & ERMA'S ON WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27TH  Great news!!!  We pleased  to have our local Max and Erma fundraiser this WEDNESDAY, APRIL27th.  This is an all day event (so please come out for lunch and dinner) and our local Relay for Life receives 20% of all sales.   IMPORTANT:  In order for Relay for Life to receive credit, all diners must have the attached coupon.  Please come out and support a great cause to fight cancer. 



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