Saturday, April 9, 2011

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P. O. Box 354 Springboro, OH 45066
Hotline: (937) 6402873

Web site:

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Panther Paw Scrip

Scrip is a partnership with vendors. Scrip purchases gift cards in bulk, at a discount,
and then sell at face value to parents. Scrip makes money for the schools buying your
gift cards!

Since 2000 Scrip has given over $110,000 back to the schools!
Please visit the following link below to sign up today:
(You need to key in “https” – this means that you are accessing a secure website)

On this site, you will be able to place an order from several vendors. Orders will be
printed out and payment due on the 1 st of each month. What could be easier!
You will also have the option on the site to make an order a “standing order” (every
month receive the same cards) just log in and click on the item that you want to make
standing. Above the quantity box when you order a card is a small box, click it and
you can adjust your standing order! You can also choose to have cards purchased
every other month or every few months. Cards are mailed to you around the 15 th of
every month. It’s that simple!

Do it once and you are done! Your email address becomes your login. Each month
we will email you a reminder that you need to place your order. We accept Visa,
MasterCard and Discover and personal check. Paying by check allows Scrip not to
be charged credit card fees. Paying by check allows more money to go to Springboro
Schools, so, please pay by check. Be sure to place your order today!
If you don’t see a vendor listed, let us know. If they are available, we will add them
to our list! Have any problems or questions, please call us or drop us an email, we
will be happy to help you out!

Don’t forget to
order your grocery
and gas cards!

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Springboro, Ohio 45066
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