Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Texting on a keyboard phoneITexting….it’s been around for centuries

I started texting back in the last century. When I began I did it in cursive and it took me forever to make sure all the letters were perfect. I’d write three sentences and have to take a break, do a cherry Coke, a nickel bag of chips and a couple of penny candies. Cursive wasn’t the way to go. Texting was difficult in the old days. I finally found a used typewriter for $5.00 and was hyped that I’d be able to type my texting. What a break through. I stayed up nights learning the Qwerty keyboard and it wasn’t easy pushing those keys down about three inches to get the letter to hit the paper. Once my text was complete, I’d put it in an envelope, buy a 3 cent stamp and if it was going out of town buy an airmail stamp for an extra penny and write AIRMAIL on both sides of the envelope and put it in the big blue mailbox across the street. Sometimes I’d write FLY IT on the envelope instead (That was cooler). A few days later my text would be received and enjoyed by my father who lived in Rochester, New York. He’d sit down and text me back and about 3 or 4 days later I’d receive his text. He caught on quick and would write FLY IT on his too. Quite a bit of work went into texting back then. Like a lot of young kids I’d write/text short stories, funny stuff and goofy poems for school. Notes/texts in school were passed from one to another during class and in the hallways. They were the social communication method of the day. I remember a note in 5th grade that was handed to me in the hallway by some girl, it said, “Cynthia thinks your cool”. I’m still texting today as evidenced by this column. And yes I do text a lot on my cell phone when looking for quick answers and not wanting to get involved in a five minute phone conversation with how are you, how’s the family, how was your weekend, etc. Who would have ever guessed that phone texting would be an enormous hit. Not to mention all the texting on Face Book that happens 24/7. News today is instant. When the alarm goes off at 5 or 6 a.m. every morning I grab my smart phone off the night stand and read the Detroit Free Press, USA Today, check for text messages and email that came in overnight, get the temp and weather for the day and then proceed to the kitchen for green tea and the Dayton Daily news in print form. Hope to have an I-Pad in the near future to do it all including books, magazines, videos, newspapers and more. Some disagree but it’s the future, ask any youngster today. I haven’t bought a CD in years downloading all my music and backing it up on CD and external HD. With Time Warner’s Turbo I can download 12 songs in just a couple of minutes. If I subscribed to their Extreme program I could do it in a few seconds. Extreme will download a whole movie in less than 30 seconds. Do you remember in the 90’s when it took 3 or 4 minutes for a black and white picture to download? In church one Sunday I was reading the lesson for the day off a teleprompter but carrying a Kindle with the lesson on it in case the teleprompter failed. Texting and batteries are here to stay. LOL

Roosters Restaurant in the Springboro Point Shopping Center is supporting the Springboro Community Assistance Center (food bank) next Tuesday, April 26, from 6 p.m. till 9 p.m. Bring four canned goods and get $2 off your bill. There will be door prizes, give-a-ways, karaoke, dancing and all kinds of fun. Other items needed are cereals, cleaning supplies, TP, paper goods and gas cards. Wendy Ford, Director of the SCAC will be with us to answer any questions and let everyone know what they are doing for people in our community and how many families they’re helping which are way up during the current recession. I’ll be your emcee and provide the hits from yester year right through today. Come join us and support this great cause for our city. A special thank you to Bobbi Joe and the Rooster’s staff for making this special event happen. They care about our community.

Tomorrow is Good Friday many churches have come together to do a cross walk from the Presbyterian Church on N. Main St. to the United Church of Christ at the end of the historic district on S. Main St. You’re welcome to join us at 12 noon and make the walk with us. It’s only 1.3 miles and we’ll have police protection on the road during the walk. And don’t forget Easter Sunday please take your family to the church of your choice Sunday and worship our Risen Lord. It’s a joyous celebration with many churches offering Easter Egg hunts for the kids and brunch for everyone after the service. Happy Easter everyone.

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