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COLUMBUS—Tuesday, April 12th marks the 100th day that the House Republicans have presided over the Ohio House. Today, State Representative Peter Beck (R-Mason) applauded the accomplishments of the House thus far during the 129th General Assembly, recognizing that still more work needs to be done.

“I want to applaud the work the Ohio House has done in the first 100 days,” stated Rep. Beck. “I am also pleased to see the passage of two of my own bills from the Ohio House, including House Bill 58, which brought tax relief to Ohioans and simplified the complicated tax code, and House Bill 92, which allows for the adoption of adults as well as adults who are transferring out of foster care. The Ohio House has put forth much hard work, but there is also much work to be done to bring economic prosperity to Ohio and address the concerns of all Ohioans.”

Under GOP control, the Ohio House has hit the ground running and introduced 200 bills during the first 100 days of this Legislature. As a caucus, Speaker Batchelder and House Republicans have expeditiously considered and passed legislation that will improve Ohio’s business climate, protect vital local services, preserve jobs and small businesses, restore accountability to elections and government spending, improve community safety, and reduce damaging mandates on school districts—with more pragmatic solutions continuously being drafted and introduced.

The creation of the agile economic development entity JobsOhio and the establishment of a regulatory reform program through the Common Sense Initiative illustrate the House Republicans’ commitment to creating jobs and assisting small business development. The House also introduced and passed House Bill 58, which was sponsored by Representative Beck, to offer tax relief to families and retain businesses that have received offers to relocate to other states.

The House Republicans have also passed the following bills, among others:
  • H.B. 2 to improve transparency by auditing certain state agencies
  • H.B. 20 to prohibit intimidation of victims of a crime
  • H.B. 21 to bring Teach For America to Ohio, improve schools and attract young, educated people to the state
  • H.B. 30 to repeal costly unfunded school mandates that were included in the Democrats’ “evidence-based” model
  • H.B. 36 to restore school calamity days from three days back to five days
  • H.B. 63 to amend judicial consent to an abortion and ensure that minors comprehend possible physical and emotional complications
  • H.B. 64 to add K2/Spice, a synthetic marijuana, to the list of controlled substances in Ohio
  • H.B. 66 to create a fraud-reporting system in an effort to save tax dollars and make state spending more accountable
  • H.B. 93 to crack down on “pill mills” that have led to rampant prescription drug abuse in Ohio
  • H.B. 114 is a fiscally responsible transportation budget that eliminates millions of dollars in fee increases and embraces consolidation of services
  • H.B. 159 to strengthen voter identification laws and ensure that elections are as fair and accurate as possible
  • S.B. 5 to retain middle-class jobs, reduce costs on local governments and help hold down local tax burdens through collective bargaining reform
  • S.B. 73 to amend liquor permitting for businesses that use liquor as an ingredient in food, which will lighten the costs on small businesses

Over the next 21 months, House Republicans will continue the work of the people of Ohio and pursue initiatives to create jobs, improve the business climate and address the many issues Ohioans face today.

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