Monday, July 26, 2010

Hello yet again! Welcome to Gaming News! My name is PureCascade and I will be your host today. And what a show we’ve got in store for you today! Seeing as Comic-con has just recently ended, there are a lot of goodies to share! So let’s get to it!

    First on the long list is a new special edition Xbox360! With a sweet paintjob themed after Halo: Reach, this is a beauty. All silvered up and has the ONI symbol on the side with lots of little fiction pieces on it, it’s like having a piece of the UNSC right in your room. It also comes with not just one, but two themed controllers, a themed wireless headset, and a copy of the game. But that’s not all! It is one of the new Xbox 360 S versions; so you get the huge 250 GB hard drive, sleek styling, and the whisper quiet drive! Don’t pass up this opportunity if you are in the market for a new Xbox! The price for this awesome deal is $399!

    Speaking of Reach, I would like to point anybody who like Forge even just a little to a new ViDoc Bungie released a few days ago. Now seeing as the game is rated mature for violence, I will not provide the link. But you can go to to see the video in all it‘s glory. Seriously, go to the video and watch. There’s just too much to even start to describe here. Everything from Upgrades to the system and mechanics, to new game types and the single biggest Halo map ever!

    Also to do with Reach is an exciting bit of news related to Firefight. They’ve just announced a new version called Firefight Versus. To make a long story short; it essentially works the same except that the group is split into two teams. Red is Spartan, Blue is Elite. Spartans play as normal and try to aquire as many points as they can. Elites have unlimited lives but gain no points, their job is to simply ensure that the Spartan Team goes down with as few points as possible. After a set number of rounds, and when all the Spartans have been defeated, the teams switch. Team with the most points win. Sounds awesome right? I know! September 14th just can’t come fast enough.

    Moving away from Halo; our next stop is Spiderman. The new game starring the webbed, city swinging hero, will take place in 4 different dimensions. (Funny thing; the game is called Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions.) And for the past months, the developers have stayed extremely hush-hush on the 4th and final dimension. Until, that is, this past weekend at Comic-con. Called Ultimate Spiderman, the dimension is set in a world where Peter hasd kept the black suit, using it to swing out tendrils and spikes in combat. The Ultimate Universe will join the already announced Amazing Spiderman, Spiderman Noir, and Spiderman 2099. This is looking to be as promising as Batman: Arkham Asylum. Look for it September 7th!

    Big one here for you Fighting Game fans! Street Fighter v.s. Tekken has just been announced. But wait… so was Tekken v.s. Streetfighter. Ok, things may get confusing soon, but for now, it’s not so difficult. The two companies that created these two storied games, Capcom for Street Fighter and Namco for Tekken, are working together to make a real crossover, and do this through each making there own version. Street fighter v.s. Tekken is done in a more Streetfighter fashion, which was the only one shown off, though both were announced, so one would assume that the Tekken v.s. Streetfighter will be done in a style closer to Tekken. Whew… I’ll keep you all updated on this one as more info becomes available… as long as I don’t get too confused.

    And one last thing to throw out there before I sign off for this week (even though this one wasn‘t at Comic-con, I just couldn‘t resist.); don’t forget to pick up Starcraft II on the 27th (two days from this writing.) if any of you happen to be fans or are looking for an awesome new RTS to play.

    That’s it for this week folks. Unfortunately, there will be no Review or Preview this issue. But, come back this Saturday for a review of the upcoming Star craft II. And as usual, if any of you have any questions or comments at all, please send them to or leave them in the comments section below. Until next time!

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