Friday, June 11, 2010

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Welcome back to Gaming News! I’m PureCascade ready to lay down some sweet nuggets of info for all of you today. Which is going to be a little short, as everyone, including me, is getting ready for E3. So let’s get right to it, shall we?
                In News, Take Two’s Red Dead Redemption is kicking everyone’s expectations out the window. Sales have surpassed 5 million sales, and it has gained the number 2 spot on the online charts; knocking Halo 3 down to third. That is a major surprise to everyone. I mean, everyone expected the game to do well, but I think this surprised just about everyone.
                Related to the above; Take Two is actually going to make profit on a non-GTA (Grand Theft Auto) year. Long known almost only for it GTA titles, Take Two has re-iterated the game many times. More than I care to count. Now they have a new franchise to run with. This is actually good news too, as GTA has gotten pretty stale, at least to me. It’s high time for something new and creative, and Red Dead Redemption definitely fits the bill.
                Let’s get a bit of a head start on E3. If any of you are interested in Project Natal, be sure to check out MTV at 3:30pm Eastern Time, or Nick at Nite at 9:00pm Eastern Time. Microsoft will be showing off Project Natal, and its official name I hope, with a big show featuring Cirque Du Soleil. So set your clocks and your DVR’s and get ready for one heck of a show.
                And in Review we have Blur.
                Blur is Mario Kart on steroids, pure and simple. There are many cars to choose from, as you level up and unlock each car, and they all behave differently. Some are faster, some handle better, some are more resistant to damage, and they even have different classes of vehicles. The abilities you can pick up are very colorful and flashy, and vary greatly. There’s a shield that protects you from all harm for a set amount of time, a big red homing ball of energy, a blue lighting attack that targets the person in first place, and a purple burst that will push anybody around you away, and if used smartly, can push people into rails and other things that will heavily damage them. And that’s just a few of them. And you can store up to three of these and use them as you see fit in any order. The tracks are cool, but the usual. They wind through city streets and highways, run through an old desert town and airport, and even in a water runoff area below a city highway. So like I said, cool, but not particularly original. Luckily, the gameplay more than makes up for that one little downside. The online multiplayer is where it’s at; you can race, play a demolition derby, among others.
                Unfortunately, the single player game is not so much fun. It’s too easy on the easy setting, but too hard on the hard setting. The problem is, normal isn’t any better than hard really. It takes forever to unlock new cars, and the tracks are almost too difficult to drive on with the low class cars which do not handle well at all. Overall though, the game is still a lot of fun and pretty addictive. So long as you are willing to grind it out for a good while until you get the cars that will allow you to win, online or off. So I give this game a good rating, but not everyone will love it.
                Ok, that’s it for this week. And remember, E3 is coming up this Tuesday the 15th through this Thursday the 17th. Come back to this very issue throughout those three days for updates. I’ll be posting comments every hour or two passing on every detail I can get my hands on to you. And please leave any questions or comments you may have and I will do my best to answer as many as I can. You can leave them in the comments section or send them to my email, I’ll see you all on the 15th!

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