Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 25, 2010

Tonight, in the Springboro Community City Schools Board Meeting another member has resigned.  Following on the heels of Dr. David Baker, Superintendent and Tim DeDettwiller, Treasurer resignations.  School Board President Craig Colston has resigned his position on the School Board.  Board Member, and acting Board President Mike Kruse read a statement for Colston.  One source, told us that Colston was not able to be at the meeting for work related reasons.

In Colston's statement he mentioned, "It is the right time..." and "pleasure serving on the board".  Colston also remarked how it was good to be on the board in 2002-2005 when overcrowding was an issue and the Board worked together to resolve it.  Mr. Colston has 10 years of experience in education and has served two terms as a Springboro School Board member, according to the Springboro City School Board of Education pamphlet.

The Board members immediately jumped into an Executive Session for some time but returned with no comments.  The School Board will now be accepting applications through June 7th.

Image from Springboro City Schools Website
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  1. I think I'll apply!!!

  2. Na na na na na na na na heh heh heh goodbye! I can't say I am at all sorry to see them go. Hopefully we can get some fresh blood on the school board that will bring back our bussing.

  3. Good riddance! I suggest we not replace Baker and Detwiller and that should pretty much wipe out the budget shortfall. It may even let us hire back the janitors.

  4. Springboro ParentMay 26, 2010 at 3:00 PM

    NO TO BUSING! Please spend the money on something else. And keep "Pay to Play."

    It would be ludicrous to bring back busing.

  5. Why no bussing "Springboro Parent"? Not all of us are stay at home moms with the luxury of having time to shuttle our kids back & forth to school.