Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 12, 2010

The Springboro High School Varsity Men's Lacrosse Club hosted their annual Senior night tonight.  The LAX team has 6 seniors that were honored before tonight's action against Colerain High School.

Seniors and their parents:

#3  Patrick Berry has been playing Lacrosse for 6 years and is a Midfielder on the Panther Club.  Patrick's parents are Mark & Barb Berry.

#16  Clay Filinger has been playing Lacrosse for 5 years and is a Midfielder on the Panther Club.  Clay's parents are Kirk and Sherry Filinger.

#13  Matt Garrett has been playing Lacrosse for 7 years and is an Attacker on the Panther Club.  Matt's parents are Guy and Christi Garrett.

#1  Taylor Hardin has been playing Lacrosse for 4 years and is a Midfielder on the Panther Club.  Taylor's parents are John and Robyn Hardin.

#6  Shaun Walsh has been playing Lacrosse for 3 years and is a Midfielder on the Panther Club.  Shawn's parents are Steve and Sheila Walsh.

#15  Clark The has been playing Lacrosse for 2 years and is a Midfielder on the Panther Club.  Clark's parents are Russell and Tracy The.

Congratulations to all the Seniors who were honored tonight!

After the ceremony, the Panthers took the field against a very aggressive Colerain team.  Within seconds D.J. Hume wrapped around the back side of the net to score the first of many goals for himself and the Panthers on the evening.  Springboro was faster and more precise in their passing and racked up a 15-2 win over Colerain on the night.  D.J. Hume scored 7 goals for the Panthers!!  The defense shut down Colerain all night!  It was a very aggressive and rough game for the Panthers but they dominated from the onset.

If you have not been able to catch a game yet this season you have absolutely missed out!  The Springboro Panthers Lacrosse Club is 14-4 on the season.  Springboro also  has the top points scorer in the state with D.J. Hume.  Points score is a combination of goals and assists.  Hume has 104 goals and 37 assists in 18 games this season!  Matt Garrett who missed tonights action with a seperated shoulder is ranked 8th in the state with points.  Garrett has 53 goals and 39 assists in 16 games.  Springboro's goalie Chad Sweet has logged 115 saves in 18 games.

The Springboro Club will be heading to state tourney soon we will keep you up to date with their action!!


Contributing Photos by Dominic Gross

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  1. Thank you for covering the lacrosse club! Indeed, this is becoming a very exciting sports event in our town. My son is on JV, and has been playing for this club for 4 years --- it's a great sport.

    Some misspellings:
    Taylor Hardin, NOT Hart
    Clay Filinger, NOT Philinger
    Shaun Walsh, NOT Shawn
    Clark The, NOT Vee

    To my knowledge, the club is known as the Springboro Lacrosse Club. It is not a school sport.

  2. Thanks for the corrections. We could not access the Roster for some reason and hearing the names on the intercom last night was impossible! It was a fun night! Referring to Springboro Club throughout we hope we distinguished the identity as a club. This page identifies any JH/HS sport not just School sports. Thanks so much for your readership!!