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May 14, 2010

What an exciting weekend of racing at both tracks,  Friday we unloaded the Rebel 105.9 late model at Kil-Kare Speedway to find out that they were going to shorten the race program to just a feature race.   The incoming rain was a real threat.   We had a good first practice and at that time we were the fastest car there thanks to the Estes racing fuel.    We also had a great set up the by the crew.    We chose not to practice and save our tires for the feature so we watched the second practice.  Oakley Asphalt car was able to take me off the fast time spot.  We went back out to try to pick up a half tenth then without warning the power steering line broke.  I killed the engine and tried to roll off the track.   We made quick work on fixing the line thanks to a competitor, Oakley Asphalt.  Yes, the very team that we competing against.   I was a little concerned in qualifying, because the left front tire got soaked with oil.  However, the GreenPro Landscaping Koehlke Component NASCAR Whelen Late Model #4 got hooked up and we pulled out a second place qualifying time. 

            In the feature they inverted to 5th position so I started 4th, I missed my mark on the start and dropped to 6th.  In a few laps, I was starting to get into some real tough racing with the #17 car.   Every time I started to pass on the straight away, I would run out of room.  I would have to back off or risk hitting the wall.  After my second attempt to pass him, I decided to pass him on the outside  in turn one or two and finish in the turn three,  I was able to make that pass and quickly catch up to the next  group of race cars.  It was a three way race with Gary Estes and Oakley Asphalt car.  Gary was in front by just a few feet and I was side by side and wheel to wheel for around six laps with the other car, what was awesome. 

            Finally, I was able to dive on the inside as the other two cars competed.  Someone got Gary loose and I was able to get the second place spot.   I set sail for the leader and realize my water tempeture was hotter than it should have been, probably because I was so close to the car in front not enough air was getting into the radiator, so I finished the race for a second place finish.

            Saturday, we headed to Spring Valley to the Motorcar Auto Body Shop.  We hooked up to the trailer and picked up the crew.  We were then off to Columbus.  It was a big temperature change from Saturday! 

            In our first practice, we were in the mid fourteen forties.   The second practice, Gary made some good adjustments to the car.  I was able to run low teens.   A few spectators said they clocked me close to the track record.  Unfortunately in qualifying, the best I could get was a 14.33.  This time put me in the 6th fastest.  This put me on the inside for the start of the feature which was not the preferred line that night. I had to drop back in the field four positions before I could get an opening to get to the outside. I finally was able to start racing towards the front.   The 28 car spun out in turn one.  I finished 5th.  I was not the finish I wanted put it was a good day at the track.

            Last week, we were rained out at Columbus on Saturday but as it turns out, it was a blessing as Tom and all the crew at Pisanello’s is now a new sponsor.  I love the bread sticks there! Yum! 
Thanks Sloan and the Crew

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