Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 24, 2010

What an exciting weekend again!  This week we spent time in shop going over the front end.  We set the camber and caster.  We made sure all the settings were perfect.  What a difference it made!  The Green Pro Landscaping/Rebel 105.9 #4 was good as before I got wrecked.  I hate to qualify first (just a thing).  Friday at Kil-Kare it would have been good if I did.  I would have had the track record 13.44.  However, unfortunately, the Oakley Asphalt sponsored car broke the record just before me. 
In the feature, the inversion was a five.   I was hoping the outside pole car could beat the Bond Machine car.  I could hopefully get around him.  The Oakley car made it three wide on the inside coming out of turn four so I had to back down.  I moved down to the fifth position.  I quickly passed for third.  Late in the race there was a caution.   I just didn’t have enough to make it the front.
It was an awesome night because there were a lot of people in the stands.  This Friday at Kil-Kare it is going to be a school bus race.  The bus race is after our feature.  The school buses are raced on the quarter mile (the small track) and they do a figure eight in order to try to flip the school buses.  It is very fun and a fan favorite. 
Saturday at Columbus Motor Speedway, we bought a new Hoosier racing tire but the stagger was off.  Stagger is the difference in the circumference of the tire.   We used the nitrogen gas in our tires that we get from Weiler Welding.  It is possible to put extra air in them and stretch the tire.  I guess this worked I qualified second.  This was three spots faster than last week.  The      gas we use help control tired growth on the race track.  Regular air has moisture and as the tire heats up the moister expands this causes the tire to grow too rapidly and this changes how the car handles. 
In the feature, there were three wrecks and two spin-outs right in front of me.   The fourteen car spun on lap one and I were getting ready to pass him.  Unfortunately, I took the air off his spoiler and he spun.  The track called it on me so I had to go to the tail.  The driver of the fourteen car was nice enough after the race to come to me and tell me he spun on his own.  He told me it was not my fault that he spun.  GreenPro Landscaping/Koehlke #4 was fast but I couldn’t drive it back through the field so I had to settle for 8th.  I felt terrible.  The crew gave me a great car.  I just didn’t get it done. 
I crew all looked very handsome in their new crew shirts!  They are a very talented, hard working, handsome group of guys!
I want to say “thanks” to Dan from Rules’ Excavating for volunteering this weekend. 
I hope to see you at Kil-Kare on Friday!  Just a reminder to my sponsors and partner the Kil-Kare tickets are not good this weekend because the bus race is a special event. 
Thanks Sloan and the Crew


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