Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Springboro High School (Springboro, Ohio, USA)
May 11, 2010

Written by:  Dominic Gross

Tonight, was the first of the two Springboro High School board meetings that will be held in May.  The goal of the Voice is to bring the facts to the residents of Springboro and we intend to do so.  Attending a board meeting though may even cause an owner of a hyperlocal site, as myself, to want to stray into deafening and idol opinions that may go heard or not.  Traditional media will want to cover and has covered the obvious "elephant in the room".  But the positive nature that the Voice truly wants to exist for will prevail.  We will cover the "elephant" later in the article.

The negatives can always be revealed and over personified.  That is what sells newspapers, eyes, traffic to sites, and so on.  What traditional media fails to bare in mind is the over abundance of wonderful elements that take place in schools.  Shame on those that do not want to cover these great topics that were also apart of tonight's meeting.

The meeting started off with two sweet little girls, Kate and Emily Barker, leading the large crowd in the opening "Pledge of Allegiance".  Kate and Emily stood by their father Mr. Barker a Major in the United States Air Force.  What a great display of patriotism!

Also, Coach Mark Pelfrey was recognized for his accomplishments as the Springboro High School Varsity Baseball Coach.  A few weeks ago Coach Pelfrey reached his 300th win as a Varsity Coach.  He also reminded the crowd that he sits at 310.  The Panthers need only 7 more wins this year and can declare themselves "State Champs"!  What an extraordinary accomplishment!  Congratulations Coach Pelfrey!

The night continued to belong to the students with the winners of the 7th Grade Writing contest announced.  Sunstar  Engineering of Springboro joined with Springboro Junior High on a writing competition.  The 7th grade students worked and prepared their pieces in class to enhance their learning process and development of their writing skills.  The 7th graders results were narrowed down to the top 10 and then Sun Star chose the top three entries.  Those winners were 3rd place Alex Smith for his "Not Again".  Second place belonged to Laura Whitskin for her work titled "My Say".  Finally, Josh Petrey took home 1st place for his writing titled "The Fall".  Congratulations to these and all the students for their hard work in preparing their stories.

The School Board also approved the interim superintendent, Gene Lolli.  Lolli has been the assistant principal at the high school.  He takes over for Dr. Baker on June 7, 2010.  Dr. Baker resigned last month along with Treasurer Tim Dettwiller.  Lolli's wife, Elizabeth, was present with him tonight.  Elizabeth Lolli is the superintendent of Lemon Monroe School system in Monroe, Ohio.

Now to address that "elephant". The SEA (Springboro Education Association) is in the process of filing charges against new board member Kelly Kohls.  Kohls, who took her seat on School Board in January was a guest at a Teachers Luncheon during National Teacher Appreciation Day.  Scott Maney, President of the Springboro Education Association, stated to the school board and the crowd that they would be filing a complaint against Kohls for unfair labor practice.  Maney accused Kohls of bullying teachers with a number of statements that threatened teachers job securities at the luncheon.  Kohls had a chance to comment and stated, "Much of what you just said was not true."  She also stated, "She welcomed an investigation."  School Board President, Craig Colston, in response to the statements from the SEA stated Mrs. Kohls was acting on her own and she does not represent the school board as a whole.  More to come once the complaint is filed and the investigation begins.
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  1. I just discovered your blog! I too attended the board meeting. I love your positive take on it and highlights of the positives. Keep up the good work!