Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thanks to everyone for your readership. The Healthcare article and many more to come is an opinion article found in the OEZ section of our site. (Opinion & Entertainment Zone) My goal is to try to get residents in the community active on the site either by writing, commenting, taking pictures, etc. This is a resident who wants to share her passions and concerns.  This section is not for everyone and we understand that.  This will not be an Enquirer section by any means.  But we will tackle at times some subjects that most all of us as residents are passionate about.

I do not want to lose readers but want to give the community an opportunity to be involved and active on the site. That is my goal. You will not find articles like this in the regular portion of our school, city, business sections of the site. If you disagree with any opinion articles our writers are expecting comments and feedback under their story. I would suggest you post your concerns with the article in the comment section. It is truly a topic of discussion for many so it will be found in the opinion section only!

Our main heart and passion is to provide important information, facts, and details about the city FIRST. But want to give the residents the opportunity to have a VOICE, as well, on different topics. It is for those that are into reading pieces like this and commenting. If you do not wish to go to the opinion section you have every right.

We are here to serve the community in every way we can. We are adding this weekend health/wellness articles, food reviews, movie reviews, video game reviews, and so much more! All written by residents in the communities!

Thanks again for caring. It will not over take our site it is just an addition that one can choose to read or not.

Sincerely,Dominic Gross
The Voice of Miami Valley
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