Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 18, 2010

The Make a Difference Club of Springboro is holding a Closet Clean Out Day!  The goal is for Springboro High School to donate to several organizations at one time. 

The organizations this year that will be donated to are:
Hannah's Treasure Chest
Clothes That Work
St. Paul Lutheran Church
Springboro Food Pantry
Family Violence Prevention Center in Green County

They will be holding the Closet Clean Out on Saturday, May 22 from 10am-12pm in the Springboro High School parking lot.  Clean out your closets to donate to those in need!

Be sure to place all items in bags/boxes marked with the organization it goes to and bring it to the High School parking lot between 10am-12pm.

The Make A Difference Club has volunteered our time at these organizations for over two years.  They do a great service for so many people in our community.  Please gather any of your used items to help people in need.  If we each donate one bag/box--what a difference we will make.

The organizations greatest needs are as follows:
Hannah's Treasure Chest:  Any clothing or toys for children
Clothes That Work:  Items on hangers, large size professional clothing, women's suits 16+ and men's suits 48+
                                Women's professional clothing in sizes 0-4, neutral color knee high hosiery, women's
                                 trouser socks, and men's dress socks in black, brown, and navy.
For additional needs see:  http://www.clothesthatwork.org/- ctw/files/misc/ctw_clothing_donation_guideline_2006.pdf

St. Paul Lutheran Church:  household items, hangers, children clothing and toys, adult clothing
Springboro Food Pantry:  toiletries, canned goods, rice, pasta, cereal
Family Violence Prevention Center:  women and children clothing, children's toys, cribs, maternity clothing.

Please contact Joyce Cook at jcook@springboro.org if you have any questions!

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