Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Springboro High School (Springboro, Ohio, USA)
May 18, 2010

Recently, Springboro High School discovered bird mites in two classrooms in the High School.  The nest was discovered in the attic space of the building.  George Long, Business Manager Springboro Community Schools, had this to report to the parents.

Today it was brought to our attention that there were bird mites in two of the classrooms at the High School. These were a result of a nest that was discovered in the attic space of the building. As the birds evacuated the nest they made their way down into the building. We have been in touch with the Warren County Department of Health and our exterminator. The students were moved from the rooms with the mites immediately and overnight we will use the appropriate pesticides to rid the building of the mites.

Consistent with Ohio law we are informing you of the pesticides we are using. None of these chemicals are harmful after they dry, that is why we are using them overnight. The commercial brand names are Onslaught and BP 50. If you have any questions regarding these procedures please feel free to call me, I should be in the district most of the evening.

George Long
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