Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Springboro Intermediate will be having the State Achievement Assessments (OAA) on Tuesday, April 27 (Reading) and Wednesday, April 28 (Math).  The tests will be given first thing in the morning and will last until approximately 10:30 AM.  On both of these days it is crucial for all students to be in attendance on time.  It is also very important for each student to be well rested and to eat a good breakfast.
  • For testing this year, each student needs a #2 pencil.  Mechanical pencils will not be allowed this year.


Here are some last minute tips for getting the best possible score on the OAA!
  • Get a good night's sleep and eat a good breakfast!

  • On multiple choice questions, first rule out the answers that you know are incorrect, then choose from the rest.

  • On short answer questions.  Be sure to write your answer in the space provided.  Always write something - even if you are not sure.  At least write what you know!

  • Don't get frustrated or give up.  There will be difficult questions.  You do not have to get them all correct to do well!

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