Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I realize we are short on rainfall for our area but does it have to always rain on Friday?  Once again, scattered showers came to town on Friday night!  Kil-Kare officials decided to brave the weather and try to get a race in.  It looked promising when we first arrived.  It looked like the rain was going to hold off.  We were able to get our practice in.  We then had our driver’s meeting-more on that later in the article.  We finally lined up to qualify.  A few cars qualified and then came the rain.  It was just enough rain to cause the track to be slick.  It finally stopped and they dried out the track.  At last, I got to qualify.  The track was very green.  However, the NASCAR Whelen GreenPro #4 was just fantastic!  I got fast time 14.51!!    And you guessed it!  The rain came, again!!  Kil-Kare officials called it a night.
                At the driver’s meeting at Kil-Kare, the track officials announced that Impact Racing Appareal had been declared below standards for SSA.  SSA tests all the racing suits etc. to meet safety standards.  Every piece of my equipment is Impact-my helmet, race suit, gloves-everything!  They told us that they highly suggested we replace all that equipment.  We have decided to just wait a little while to see if more information comes out concerning the safety of my equipment. If there someone that would want to help pay for it or part of it, the cost is around $1400.
                Saturday I got up and went to check the weather.  If it was 100% chance of rain, I was planning on going to the JS (prom at Dayton Christian) then have some friends over for a bonfire and cookout.  But it looked like I was going to get to race, I was excited because we were so fast Friday night at Kil- Kare.  We unloaded the GreenPro Landscaping late and it was good right out of the box.  To help clear up some confusion from last week, the first practice is about learning the track.   Just like the NASCAR teams, you can bring your best to the track just to find out the track conditions changed.  It is no different for us.  This process is called getting “dialed in” and that is what Gary is great at. 
                Practice went well at Columbus.   We fueled the car up with racing fuel from Estes Oil in Franklin.  We set out to qualify.  I was hoping to get the fast time again but could do it.   We did qualify in the top 4.   The top 4  put me on the pole.   I would like to thank Link Burgess, he calculated that I would start on the outside of row two after the seven car inversion.  Link is a World War II veteran and is 87 years old and so smart.   He has been on several championship teams over his 45 plus year in racing!   I went to Dad who writes down the lap times of my competitors so I can figure out how the start of the feature MAY be. Tonight it was perfect.    The outside pole car most likely would get around the pole car.  It would give me the opportunity to go for the lead early in the race.   I could then save my tires.  The rain came and it got called. 
                 We do not talk much about business but I still need an anchor partner.  I need two more co-sponsors if I’m going to have the resources to make NATIONAL NASCAR Whelen history this year. We know with God all things are possible but even David had three stones in his pouch when he went to do the impossible.
Thanks Sloan and Crew
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