Wednesday, May 11, 2011

There is nothing like the smell of a new car!  Except for a good burn out! The crew did an awesome job with the paint and decal theme!  I just love it! My NASCAR Whelen Koehlke/GreenPro landscaping late model #4 was awesome on test and tune day this past Saturday at Kil-Kare.   

First, I went out just to bed in the brakes, unlike a regular car, there is a process of getting the new brake pads up to their maximum stopping power.  My best lap was in the 18 seconds, I bet people were talking about that time.  The second practice, we still were working on the brakes and we noticed the wheels were rubbing just a little.  We got that fixed by trimming off about a 8th of an inch. In the next test, I got it down in the 15’s, in part to the fuel from Estes Oil in Franklin the only place to by race fuel.  The next time, Gary gave me some advice about my line I then picked up ¾ of a second. The last time out, Gary said I could pick up my corner speed and we hit our bench mark for the day.  We loaded up!  What an awesome first day out. The guys and I are very pleased with the car.   
I am really hoping all of you will signing up to be fan of mine on facebook its free and real important to get my numbers up.  I am under Sloan Henderson Motorsports LLC.  Also, don’t forget to sign up for my twits on Twitter.  I will keep you posted on race day with tweets! 

This week I will be doing my commercial for Rebel 105.9.    The weekly radio broadcast will be starting on Tuesdays at 2:45 pm. I am meeting with Design Homes next Friday. Dad inked the deal with Sign A Rama and we still hopeful the strike a deal with some local Chevy dealers soon. I am racing at Kil Kare on March 2 so come out to the race
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