Thursday, April 15, 2010

It’s Sgt. Don with another DARE 2nd Grade Update for parents of Five Points Elementary.  Upon our return from Spring Break, I went over all the material they have learned up to date and I was very impressed with the level of retention exhibited by the kids.  This week we took safety to a new level.  I explained to the kids, to handle a problem you need to remember three things that will assist with dealing with and getting out of any bad situation that might confront them.  I called them the 3 r’s…  1. Recognize – to know.  2. Resist – say no and get away.  3. Report – tell someone (trusting adult).  I explained we learn through rules to recognize bad things and when people do things that are in conflict of the rules we know we should not do those things.  If we were never taught certain things we would not know that it was bad and might do it.  Once we know something is bad, we resist it by saying no and getting out of the bad situation. (run, walk…etc)  Then, I asked who’s responsibility is it to keep us safe?  The kids naturally stated, Sgt. Don -  my parents - teacher…  but all eventually came up with the true answer which is themselves.  I advised them, step 3 is to report problems and let adults know when bad things occur so we can handle them and make sure they don’t happen again or to anyone else.

Once they learned the basics, we continued with defining what a stranger is…someone we don’t know.  I asked them, “what is the best disguise for a bad guy?”  I got everything from, black masks to black clothing to shiny silver guns.  Then I would get the correct answer which is, a bad guy can look like just a normal person.  I explained that I am not trying to say that EVERYONE is a bad person, but we cannot always tell immediately who bad people are.  With this being the case, we must ALL be careful hence the reason why the rule – NEVER TALK TO STRANGERS.  I asked the kids what they would do if a car stopped in front of their residence while they were playing with a friend. The kids were consistent in saying they should not talk or assist the stranger with the problem they had.  I asked if anyone for any amount of money would ever get into a car with the person and it was unanimous that they should NEVER get into a car with a stranger.   I relayed the idea of the skull w/ the crossed bones we learned in the previous lesson which meant death (poison).  I wanted the picture to come into the kids heads that if ANYONE the kids don’t know (stranger) ever asks them to get into a car…I want them to see the skull w/ the crossed bones.  This of course was a serious part of our conversation.

I am finishing our time together this week with talking about feelings and problem solving.

 Sergeant Don Wilson
School Resource Officer


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