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April 17, 2010: Cancer Survivor to Teach Qi Gong Meditation

The St. Leonard Faith Community Women’s Group will host breast cancer survivor and Qi Gong instructor Jan Lively at 9:30 a.m. on April 17, 2010, at St. Leonard Senior Living Center, 8100 Clyo Road, Centerville.

Lively will teach an introduction to Qi Gong (pronounced CHEE-GONG) meditation, and will discuss the formation and mission of the Noble Circle, a local program of support and self-healing for women with a diagnosis of cancer. Participants will leave with additional information about the meditation and the classes which Lively teaches in the Dayton area.

In 1998, Lively was diagnosed with breast cancer, and received chemotherapy. Two and half years later, the cancer had spread to her liver. Lively checked the statistics on survival rates, and found that, at that time, the average length of survival after a metastatic recurrence of breast cancer averaged two years.

“Given that mine went to the liver, which has the worst prognosis, I assumed the survival rate would be even less, perhaps a year,” Lively says.

A friend suggested Qi Gong, a Chinese meditative practice over a thousand years old, as a process of self-healing. Lively’s own research uncovered incredible stories of healing in Chinese patients. In early 2001, she decided to give it a try.

“I have been in and out of treatment for recurrences, but have survived for nine years,” says Lively. “Qi Gong helps me to respond well to treatment. I believe it has given me these extra years of life.”

Lively became a Qi Gong instructor in late 2002. She describes the practice of Qi Gong as “cultivating and increasing life energy.”

According to Lively, practicing Qi Gong may help many chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia or other auto-immune disorders. Because the practice is mainly mental, the meditation is appropriate for any level of physical ability, and can be done standing or sitting.

 “Qi Gong helps to increase immune response, decrease stress, and reduce the effects of aging. Even with a diagnosis of cancer, I am very healthy. Colds and flu are rare, and I bounce back quickly from the effects of the cancer treatments,” Lively says.

In 2004, Lively and seven other women co-founded the Noble Circle Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women with cancer explore alternative healing methods. The intensive, one-week program offered through the Noble Circle uplifts and empowers women by teaching them to supplement their medical treatments with the practice of Qi Gong, whole foods nutrition, and building a healthy support system of family and friends.

Lively’s cancer is now in liver and bone, but her attitude is positive and calm.

“I believe miracles are always possible,” she says.

The introduction to Qi Gong meditation is open to the public. Please reserve your seat with the St. Leonard Faith Community Office at 435-3626. To learn more about Qi Gong or the Noble Circle, please visit or

About the St. Leonard Faith Community
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We are committed to creating a spiritual environment where the Holy Spirit comes alive through active worship and the offering of our individual and collective gifts. Through a variety of ministries, we reach out to respond to the needs of others with love.

Our mission is to live our Christian faith, to grow spiritually, and to be actively involved in the community and St. Leonard's Senior Living Community.

Contact the St. Leonard Faith Community office at 937-435-3626.

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